Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Every Ellerslie student, whether basic or advanced, is familiar with the transitions to and from Ellerslie. The first are the most difficult, however good they are--discovering life with hardly any advertisements, no texting, television, little internet and phone calls. The world's suddenly silent and you're confronted with everything you thought you were great at avoiding. And then there's the post-Ellerslie transitions, when you walk back into the real world and suddenly there's so much noise and distractions and you sometimes think you know everything. I've had a lot of the transitions, and each time got a little better... Ellerslie feels like a different country sometimes, and when I leave I find that, well... I have to transition. So now it's transitioning for good. It doesn't feel that way. I've left and come back so many times that now it just seems that I'm going to come back in a few weeks and stay. Transitioning has been bittersweet.

This afternoon we had our annual Memorial Day Picnic at church. Unfortunately, our classic New Mexico wind drove us inside, so I didn't really get the pictures I wanted, but here's a gem of a picture of Pastor Dave and baby Wesley. Love this little guy.

He was flying, and having a blast.

I've also been working on unpacking, and maybe taking frequent and long breaks in-between. It's a more daunting task than I expected since I'm going through all of my stuff and deciding what I'm going to sell in my upcoming garage sale. Getting rid of things is therapeutic. And I never realized how much junk I have. I'm now determined not to be so sentimental about everything. Hoarding scares me.

My poor, poor car's been taking a beating lately. The headlights weren't looking too good, so Dad replaced those. It was a bigger job than he anticipated.
Poor car :(



Oh so shiny. I like shiny. 

Even though the headlights are looking much better, we still haven't figured out the mystery puddle. But I'm in New Mexico now, and rain is few and far between here. The puddle problem isn't as urgent anymore. 

And preparation for France commences. Did I mention my garage sale? If you live nearby and you want to donate things for me to sell, I accept. I'll be posting soon with fundraising ideas too, that way you all can help me brainstorm. It's pretty exciting if you ask me.

And the Rosetta Stone box that Amy used to use as a foot prop during some classes has been staring at me for a couple days now too. French intimidates me, so I pretend it's not there. I'll start tomorrow. Really. 

September's looming ever nearer, and there's lots for me to do before then. I'm takin' it one day at a time. 

And on another note, one a little more bittersweet.... His Little Feet Haitian Edition left for Haiti today. They're spending the night in Florida, Haiti tomorrow I believe. It seems so surreal, and when I said goodbye to them on Friday it was all I could do not to cry as I walked away, thinking about how it was probably the last time I'd ever see them. I never wanted to be called to Haiti so bad as right then. And with how much my heart was hurting to say goodbye, and still is, I can't imagine how all the His Little Feet staff must be feeling. They've spent almost every day with them since November.

Pray for them. Right now, as you read this. Pray for the goodbyes. But especially, pray for the children. Pray that God would constantly remind them of everything the learned on tour. Pray that they would not give into the pressure of all their peers. Pray that their hearts would forever be changed and softened for Jesus Christ. Pray that they would rise up and make a difference- not because Haiti needs it and the people are sad and in poverty, but because Jesus paid the price and isn't He worthy? 

I miss their little accents, the way they would always steal my shoes and throw stuff at me, and the sweet little voices that would sometimes say stuff like, "Auntie Kelsey, I will miss you." Or the not so sweet stuff like, "Who are you?" even though they knew exactly who I was and they just wanted to give me a hard time.... or somethin'. I miss them, but I'm glad I had the times with them that I did. God used it in big ways in my heart. I want to adopt kids so bad. If I knew how many days it would be until I can, I'd be counting them down. But I don't know and God has a plan, so I'll let Him lead me step by step.

What's one way that God's used His Little Feet in your life? Whether little or big? If you can't comment on my blog, comment on my facebook. I'd love to hear, and I'm sure HLF staff would too when they get back from Haiti. 



  1. I love you, Kels. :)

    HLF... I knew it was going to be amazing to have the kids here from Haiti, knew they would stir people's hearts in the churches they went to, knew God would work in the kids lives while they were here, but I didn't realize how personal the experience would be. Knowing the children's names and voices, their personalities a little bit and seeing them interact... Likendley becoming my dear little buddy (he stole my heart and I miss his long arms wrapping around me and his eyes lighting up when he sees me and hearing him call me "Auntie Chelsea")... Getting to see behind the scenes both on campus and on tour and getting to serve the team in any little way... Seeing God's power and faithfulness in getting them here up-close, getting to see the Lord work through the staff, getting to hear about His work in the lives of the children... I don't know how to say exactly what the Lord did in me through them, but I can say this: HLF is like family to me and that has been one of the greatest blessings, privileges, pleasures of my life and I am SO thankful for the season that just closed. MUCH love, Chelsea.

  2. As Chels said, I don't know that I can fully express all of the ways His Little Feet has impacted me. I guess one way to put it is that, in my perceptions (which God continues to widen), HLF went from being a cool idea before I first came to Ellerslie, to something to be fought for, to something with the fingerprints of God all over it which the enemy didn't want to happen, to 15 precious children whom I fell in love with even before I ever met them. It has been one of the greatest blessings I've known in my life to have been placed where I was, to know every member of His Little Feet, and especially to pray for God to work mightily in and through them! It is a privilege beyond words to be able to fight alongside these kids and this staff, to see the Kingdom of God come to earth in their lives, to see the enemy thwarted, to see the Gospel proclaimed and our King lifted high in all these churches across our needy nation, by children who are royalty in God's Kingdom. I have so many precious memories of the kids, and so many precious memories of times spent fighting for them alongside my King. =) And to think that all our great God has done in and through them thus far is only the beginning of all He plans to do, is one of the greatest joys of all! Lord Jesus, blessed be Your Name!!