Friday, May 20, 2011

Replacing Loodle's

While Loodle's seemed to be a permanent, always there, never-could-close-in-a-million-years type of place in the minds of the Ellerslie student's.... well, it did close. Several months ago. For all you Ellerslie Alumni out there who were looking forward to coming back for a visit and stopping by your favorite coffee shop: Sorry, it's gone. Forever.

Now we have Coolberry, a pretty neat Spooner's wanna-be. One of my favorite parts about going to get frozen yogurt is seeing how other people decide to create their delectable treats. I thought you might enjoy seeing as well. Thus the pictures....

Fruity goodness


More fruity goodness

This person chose green slimey syrup stuff. I'm not sure why
Perhaps a bit overwhelming for my taste buds, but I'm sure it was delicious

This one looks like chocolatey goodness.


Peanut-buttery :-)

I really love chocolate

There's that green slimy stuff again

Colorful, no?

I'll bet you could never guess which one's mine. 

This reminds me of the, "One of these does not belong" thing they do with kids. 

Alright, probably if you know me at all you can guess which delicious treat is mine. I know that there's all sorts of sugary goodness in the frozen yogurt, but it was raining outside, and I had been cold all day, and nothing beats a good latte. Some of us are really excited about having Coolberry in Windsor. While I'd rather have my Loodle's, I can appreciate the fact that everyone else loooooves their frozen yogurt... And I can still drink coffee. :-) And I'm leaving. 

Today's Friday. 

Graduation is Sunday.

Next Friday I'm headed to New Mexico. 

Thought you might want to know. 


  1. You're SERIOUS??? Looodles closed??? What happened!!!! I would be very disappointed not to get to visit Loodles when I come back.... how sad!!

  2. Kelsey...this makes me so sad. :-( I love yogurt, but there was only ever ONE Loodles!! Sad times.

  3. I was so sad when I heard that dear, old place closed down! *tear* this place in the same building as Loodles once was?

  4. All the students who knew and loved Loodles will probably always be in mourning over the loss of it... I guess there is a season for everything, even for Loodles to close. ;)

  5. oh! I went to Cool Berry! LOVED it!! :D I miss loodles...but I like how it's a frozen yogurt place AND coffee....=)