Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Post on Randomness

Yesterday morning I was eating breakfast when I noticed a brilliant orange glow coming in from the blinds. Pretty much it was beautiful. 

This morning we would have probably had the same orange glow, if not for the crazy amount of smoke that has blown in from Arizona.

It gets weird at night, when it all blows in. The other night it felt like I was driving through really thick fog, except for it was all smoke. We couldn't even see Wal-Mart from around 200 feet away. 

My eyes burn.

My eyes have been burning for about 2 days straight now. I can't imagine what it's like in Arizona. 

Yesterday we had our garage sale. We made $170. I was pretty satisfied, considering we got rid of a bunch of stuff and made money for it. 

Currently I'm sitting in our garage eating a muffin and drinking coffee and watching my mom spill coffee everywhere. It's pretty fun. 

It's only 8:45 and we've already made $100 today. I'm pretty happy about that. France, here I come! 

Last night we helped Patrick and Heather move into their new house.... in Rio Rancho! They've been in the Land of Stink (also known as Texas) for far too long, and I missed them. Patrick and Heather played important roles in my life back in high school. It's good to have 'em back 

After we helped them move in, I stopped by Pastor Dave and Tiffany's for an open house for a woman named Katie. She's going to Madrid in October as a long-term missionary. I love hearing about God's work in Europe, and meeting people who have been burdened in much of the same way I have been. It was also such a blessing to hear her acknowledge that the only way they will see lives changed in Spain is if God does it, and that they must pray and we must pray. It was good fellowship. I love Europe. 

Have I mentioned that my eyes burn?

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  1. Thanks for posting :) It felt like we were having a conversation :)