Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bravo For Breakfast!

Yesterday morning we women of Ellerslie walked into the Everitt's Center not entirely sure what to expect. Rumor had it that the men were cooking us breakfast. What we walked into far exceeded our expectations: Four tables with fancy black tablecloths spread over them, elegant classical music playing in the background, and unbelievably delicious smells wafting into our noses. Almost as soon as we sat down, a waiter came to our table to ask us what our drink of choice would be. Not much later we were asked which item we had selected off the menu. Everitt's Center had been turned into a 5 Star Restaurant.

Of Course, 5 Star Restaurant style or not, it's still Ellerslie, and we still had a lot of fun. We would never have it any other way. Here are some quotes and photos to remember.

"Can I get you some more liquids?"

Do you want Tabasco with that?"

"Can I have strawberries and whipped cream?... With French Toast on the side? Actually, add a banana too!"

"Make sure to tip the waiters well!" 
"Tip like a Christian!"

"Warning! If you get food poisoning, it's not our fault." (Said 20 minutes after the meal).

"Do you want onions on your Crêpe?"

"Nathan, did you knot my apron?!"

"Nik, your omelette's on fire!!!"

"This omelette's a baby!"

We mustn't forget to take a look at the aftermath either!

"I'm gonna go pour these eggs in the lake!"

Of course, the Ellerslie men made sure to clean everything, graciously refusing to let us help. We were extremely blessed by their act of service and love. It's things like this that causes life at Ellerslie to be so different than anything I've ever seen.


  1. Aw! How sweet!
    Hahhaha, this post made me laugh!

  2. How fun! If I wasn't here at home with my three wonderful brothers and homecooked food, I'd be almost jealous *winks* Miss you all :)