Friday, June 24, 2011

Some More Favorites

Well.... it happened. That streak of updating my blog fairly regularly got snuffed out a little bit. I've lost track of the days, and so it seemed like I updated just a few days ago. In reality it's been 11 days.


Eh. There are worse things that could happen I'm sure.

There are so many things I could have written about in the last 11 days, and somehow I didn't write anything at all. And at this point... well there's still lots. But I've decided on some more of my favorites from Wyoming (and Oklahoma). 
Picture by Jon. We had horse visitors at the ranch often. We were trying to get Bristol to smile for the camera, but she was more interested in the horse instead. I like how the picture turned out though. 
This is my cousin Bailey and her little brother Oliver's foot. He thought this was hysterical.

This was Oliver's usual expression. No, his eyes never did fall out of his head, though we did wonder about that sometimes. 

Katelyn giving her Aunt Tracy some kisses. She loves giving those out. Luckily her Mom and Dad finally taught her that kissing is best with the mouth closed and tongue inside the mouth. 

We like each other. A lot. Although I'm not sure how much it counts since everybody likes Kate and Kate likes everybody. 
Mom and I got to drive Jon's car and Bristol from Wyoming to Oklahoma. The drive was pretty much flawless. Bristol was the best behaved toddler I've ever met. She was, however, extremely thrilled to get home to Mommy and Daddy. She immediately dished out some love on them, followed by reacquainting herself with the dogs, kitties, and her toys. 

This is Bristol pretending to sleep in her dog Ranger's bed. She thought it was pretty funny. 

Some other news.... I'm almost 10% of the way with my fundraising for France! It's not a huge amount, but it's a start. And $3,000 seems like a lot to me! God's definitely blessed me through fundraising. It's way more beneficial than I thought it would be.

What are ways that God unexpectedly blessed you?

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  1. Kels, the pictures of you are so beautiful!!!

    As to your question, He just led me to the most amazing small group and the day He did was absolutely drenched in little blessings from Him just for me. I almost cried!