Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cookies, Ice Cream, and Missing Frogs

You know those Mom Blogs where stay at home moms have no creative outlet except to blog about all the things they did with their kids that day? 

Aunt blog anyone?

Bristol and I made cookies today. It was adorable. 

I don't know why 2 year olds baking are so cute, but they are. 

She stirred that batter like her life depended on it. 

Last night we went out to this awesome Mexican restaurant for dinner. Bristol purchased a little stretchy, rubbery frog from one of those machines meant to make children throw fits til you give them your money. She was pretty thrilled about her baby frog. Then, on the car ride home I heard 4 hysterical and slightly frightening words.

"I eat my frog!"

I looked over only to discover that the frog was gone. She had indeed eaten it. If you ask her where it is, she'll say. "In my belly." It was funny, until she decided that she NEEDED another one. "That's what happens when you eat your frogs, honey!" says the Daddy. Am I the only one that thinks this is funny?

After dinner, we heard a sweet melody drifting in from the street. What on earth could that be? 

You guessed it, the Ice cream Truck!

Bristol's friend that lives across the street heard that promising tune too.

And so the fun began...

Bristol's ice cream was mystery flavor. Can you say "Ew!"?

It was a pretty messy feast, so they washed off in the sprinklers afterwards. 

I love the crying pictures. I'm not sure why.

Tracy and I worked some more on our cool craft which I'm going to sell for fundraising purposes for France. I'll blog about it later. I need to take pictures first. Be excited.

I'm now 12% of the way done in my fundraising! That means only 88% more to go. Right now, $4048 seems like a lot of money... a lot of blessing. I'm so thankful for everything that I've already received. It's obvious that people have given sacrificially. It's been really neat seeing their hearts behind it, and knowing that they're not doing it for me but for God. It's a good thing, their investments will last.


  1. LOL -- to the stories, pictures and Kelseyish-touches-that-I-love-and-miss above! :D And PRAISE GOD for the fundraising blessings :)

  2. Hi Kelsey, Thought I would say hi! Every once in a while I do read your blog to see what your up to. Sounds and looks like you are having some precious time with your family making some wonderful memories. Blessings, Gail Berberich