Thursday, September 29, 2011

Giverny- Home of Claude Monet

It was my birthday the other day. Yup. In France. I was surprised to find out on my birthday that I really didn't care all that much about my birthday. Not like I did in previous years. When I was 18, it was the end of the world (I have to be grown up now! Why? Why meeee?!). When I turned 20, the attitude was denial ("I'm not 20, I'm still a teenager. 19. No that's a lie, I feel bad. I'm 20... Sigh.") That line had to end when I started to forget how old I actually was at the ripe age of.... 20. When I turned 21, it wasn't really all that exciting, except for the fact that I was apparently old enough to have foster kids. That's kind of cool. But now.... at 22. Well.... I'm really just indifferent. Can't get back lost time, but I sure can appreciate the time I've had and the time I will have.

Luckily for me, Jay and Nancy cared a little bit more about my birthday than I did. We started off the day with church. It was all in French, so I didn't understand 99.5% of it. You'd be proud to know I stayed awake the whole time.

Next they took me out to lunch to this creperie. Amazing. I like French food. 

And then... this is the best part, because what I was really longing for on my birthday was sweet time in the presence of Jesus, and He gave it to me in a special way. Jay and Nancy took me to Monet's Jardin (garden) in Giverny. It was gorgeous. 

The weather was perfect. 

Half of France thought so too, considering all the people that were there. 

But I hardly noticed. I was too in awe of God's creation.

And I really began to understand how this guy was so inspired all the time. 

I also discovered that I really, really like his work. His paintings are beautiful. Not that I got to see all that much at his house though....

Because apparently all his work is in museums, and only his personal art collection is at his house. 

It's all oriental art that he collected, by the way. Who would've guessed that one of the most famous impressionist artists ever was really into oriental art? Quite different styles if you ask me. But what do I know? 

I know these flowers sure are pretty. I could've spent weeks in that garden. 


  1. I loveeee big gardens! And crepes! Thanks for sharing pics, Kels. They're so purty!

  2. What a wonderful way to spend your birthday. The pictures are gorgeous! The Lord's creation absolutely takes my breath away! The M's sure did know how to bless you. Praying for you sweet Kelsey!

  3. Giverny is one of the places I have been dying to see since I began to consider Monet my favorite artist a year or so ago. What a sweet birthday present: God's creation. The photos are awesome, by the way.