Monday, September 5, 2011

Meet Abby

This is Abby, the newest addition to my family. I came all the way to Nashville to meet her.

She has tiny little legs still.

And she makes the most adorable faces

And everyone just loves her to pieces, including Big Sister. 

 Remember Big Sister? I'm sure you've heard me mention my wacky, fun, adorable, and sweet as sugar niece before. I love her.

She just turned two. Normally sixteen year olds get cars for their birthdays, but I think my brother figured if he bought her one now, he wouldn't have to later. I dunno. 

Kate also likes to play on my computer. Can you see those smudge marks on the back? Yeah, that's where she licked it. She keeps us on our toes, that one does.

And she absolutely loves showing affection to Little Sister, even if the little doesn't quite appreciate it yet. 

But she knows she has to be gentle ("duh-doh!"), despite the fact that she's not quite sure what gentle entails yet. 

Nieces are the best. things. ever. Promise. If you don't have a niece, you should go find one somewhere. And if you do? Go love on her. Right now. 


  1. What a precious and sweet gift! I don't have any nieces but my cousin is expecting a little girl this January and I must admit I am super excited =)

  2. "Big Sister" looks just like you! I love you and miss you!