Monday, August 8, 2011


God is so good.

And in case you ever have any doubt, I'll say it again. God is so good!

This weekend I drove up to Colorado for the wedding of two of my friends. One single moment out of everything that has happened so far would have been worth the 8 hour drive.

Last summer, as the first group of students to ever go through the Ellerslie program, we had something really special. I can't describe it, and none of us are even close to being perfect (it's been proven time and again), but God blessed us with each other, and it was like we instantly were family. And at the end of the summer it was more painful than I can describe to say goodbye to so many people who had wedged their way into my heart forever.

But this weekend? Oh the bliss. A lot of us got to see each other. I've been so overwhelmed with happiness at seeing over half of our class that I don't know who to talk to or what to say and I just want to stare at everyone because they're really there and.... words fail me. Some of them I haven't seen in almost exactly a year, but it was like none of us ever left. I've spent the last two and a half days seeing familiar faces and catching up and being encouraged and giving encouragement and it's been wonderful. I didn't realize how much I love them and how much I had missed them all until I saw them again.

I can't describe the sweet fellowship that we've experienced. But it's really, really good. And it's true we'll have to say goodbye all over again, but it was worth it.

On top of all the familiar faces, tonight I got to meet some new ones. Some of the girls that are current Ellerslie students have showered blessings and love upon me, and I just want to stay here and spend about a month with each of them. I never met them until tonight, but we all love Jesus so much that it causes instant bonding. Just another blessing to add to them all.

And if that wasn't enough at all, God's given me yet more blessings than I expected or deserved. Today there was a girl who gave me all of the money she had apart from $.25. If that's not sacrificial giving, then I don't know what is. I was humbled by it in the best way possible, and I cherish this girl's heart. She's an example to me.

And then those current Ellerslie students I just talked about? Well they bought almost all my flower clips that I was selling. I have about 3 more, but those just might get snatched up tomorrow. I came back to the room and thought, "Wow, I really don't think this weekend can get any better." And just because God sometimes likes to prove me wrong, I find an envelope with my name on it. Inside it was a check for $1,000. That brings me to 81% of my fundraising goal.

I cried.

And I'm kind of crying now. Because God is that good to me. And I don't deserve it for even a second. But He loves me, and He died for me, and He gave me new life, and He showers His love upon me every single day.

I have no more words, because I'm kind of overwhelmed with blessing.

Oh thank you, Jesus.

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  1. Amen!

    Right there with ya, speechless and overwhelmed by the fact that He chooses to shower us with blessings just because He can and delights to :) He is good -- all the time!!

    LOVED being your roomie for one night, Kels. :)