Friday, July 22, 2011

Five of My Favorites Friday

1. Sunsets in New Mexico
Last night I looked out my window and saw this. Except it was even more pink than in the picture, and prettier too. Why hello, Watermelon Mountain.  And when the mountain looks this good, you know it'll look good on the other side of the house too. 
I was definitely not disappointed. These pics aren't edited. 

I love that about New Mexico. It's like 2 for 1.  Not only do you get the beyond extraordinary sunsets, but the mountains light up on the east too. It sure does keep a girl happy.
2. Office supplies. It's all I can do to hold in that girlish squeal when I walk into that blessed aisle in Target. And I must say, there are some very strict rules about what I can and cannot (usually it's this one) buy. 

3. Working at my table with the window open while I take in the fresh morning air and listen to the chirping birds. Dad put a bird feeder right outside my window, so now I have all sorts of new friends, squirrels included.

4. New Mexico after the rain. There's not a better smell out there, I mean it. And we've had a bit of rain the last couple of evenings. I've made sure to sit in my favorite spot in the house (see above), open my window, inhale deeply, and type away pretty words just because I can. 

5. To-do lists. Lists of all kinds really. But today it's to-do lists. 

What's even better than To-Do lists? Lists written on cute Office Supply notepads (See Number 2) that seem to last foooorever. Seriously. I use this all. the. time. Thank you, sister-in-law, for the best Christmas present, ever. 


  1. *gasp* I love those sunset photos you took!! Absolutely divine! I love the southwest!!! :-)

  2. to live by mountains... they always remind me of His majesty. Missing the west