Friday, July 8, 2011

Five of My Favorites Friday

1. Curry--- We've been spending a lot more time together lately, and I'm thinking this'll turn out being a long relationship. Very long.

2. Meeting Missionaries--- I always want to sit them down and question them about their countries of choice and listen to all of their stories. It's pure bliss. Does anyone else feel this way?

3. Chocolate--- My intake has been a little out of control lately. It's starting to be a problem.... HA! I'm just kidding. Chocolate's no problem.

4. Walks in the Park with old friends.

5. Rearranging furniture. I think I'm addicted to change.

Speaking of change.... I really want to change my blog name and url. Preferably to something that people will be able to remember. But I'm really terrible with coming up with titles. Suggestions anyone?


  1. I totally feel like that about missionaries!

    Oh no! I always remember your blog title and know that its yours... I'll have to adapt to the change that hasn't even occurred yet. Lol!

    Phone conversation soon? :)

  2. *grins*

    When I read that part about changing the url, the first thought that came to my mind was "oh, something easy to remember, like her name"

    . . .

    And then I thought of your last name.

    And it made me laugh


    Can you just picture us all trying to sound it sound and type it in?!

  3. Chels, phone conversation sounds great! Call me sometime when is good for you. I'm usually not busy, and can call you back if I miss it!

    Nicole, that makes me laugh too! Last name, not such a good idea. But I was thinking something with my first name in it. :-)