Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fitting In

Today I was reading up on French culture when I stumbled upon the following the statement.

"French people are in general very courteous and they are direct too. They are accustomed to speaking their minds and being direct and to the point. If you sometime get annoyed by this, you will later realize that French people are friendly and polite if you get to know them a little better." (You can find the website here)

Truth be told, I think I might just fit in there. :-)

In other news, New Mexico is finally getting the teensiest bit of moisture in our icky drought. I left the house for my daily (ha!) run this evening, and it actually felt humid. Sort of. It was glorious. I like humidity. Probably because I rarely encounter it.

And also, in case you haven't noticed, I am now 39% of the way there in my fundraising! Which is a blessing, because I'm getting really close to my deadline. I have to be at 90% by August 15th. Of this year. Yikes!

But God is faithful, and so are His servants, so together we'll get there.

Have a lovely evening my friends.

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