Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Exploring Paris

My weekend was full of sniffles, tissues, and lots and lots of sleep. I caught a cold, and it wasn't terribly pleasant. But Madame R took good care of me, making sure I ate and took some medicine (both of which I would have willingly neglected. Who needs food and medicine?). She did not need to encourage me to sleep. I did that just fine on my own. I was so tired, and I knew that I needed to get better fast. Paris was calling my name, and on Monday I was going to visit the City of Lights with two new friends. 

 I woke up on Monday morning feeling much, much better. Unfortunately though, when I went downstairs to make breakfast, Madame R asked me how I was and all that came out was a squeak.

"You have lost your voice!"


"I realized I can't make it on the 26th."


"Are you still going to Paris?"


I was determined to go, voice or no voice. Luckily it came back to me, though a little froggy sounding at first.

I hadn't actually seen much of Paris since coming to France. (I know, so sad). It's so very close, and so very tempting for me to hop on a train and explore the city all by myself. But I've been warned that I should make sure I go with someone else, so I try to heed good advice.

 I love Paris. All the people. All the bustling about. All the colors. All the smells, sometimes wonderful and sometimes not so wonderful. All the history It's a city that could be explored for decades.

And it was really great getting to know the two girls I went with a little better. One of them I met at Café Anglais, and she also comes to church with us occasionally. She invited me to go into Paris with her and her younger sister since they are on holiday this week. Her sister is named after one of the first ever French martyrs. I think that's the coolest thing ever. And I'm excited to see where God might lead my relationship with these two girls.

In a couple of days I have some more exploring to do. We're headed down to a Bed & Breakfast in some fascinating town in Burgundy. I'd love to tell you where, but I can't remember..... despite the fact that I've been told at least a dozen times. Those French names are just so hard to remember sometimes....

After the Bed & Breakfast, we're headed up into the Alps for a GEM France retreat. Yep. That's a retreat for the Greater Europe Missionaries in France. I'm really excited to meet everyone and explore the Alps and learn more about other mission work in France and see the cool things God can make out of rocks.

Yep, that's me in front of the Louvre. No big deal. 
I spy something strange hanging from a window of the Louvre... Ten points to whoever can tell me what it is!
Bonne semaine à tous!


  1. Oh Kelsey! I miss you so much!! I am so glad you are having a good time in France! I love you, sweet friend. kate

  2. It looks so lovely! I want to explore Paris with you!