Monday, January 23, 2012

When you lose your ride in France...

Sometimes when in France, your ride calls and says they can't pick you up. Since you really hate figuring out which buses you need to take, and detest waiting at the bus stop, you decide to walk instead. This seems like an especially good idea since you were just thinking about how you didn't exercise that day but probably should have.

So you leave your house at 4:50 knowing that you're supposed to be somewhere at 5:00 and it usually takes twenty minutes to walk there. You reason that you should probably just walk faster and that being five minutes late is fashionable in France anyways.

About two minutes after you've left the house you've realized that you forgot your umbrella. While five minutes late is fashionable, nine probably isn't, so you decide to proceed without one. It's cloudy, but it probably won't rain.

Two minutes later a tiny rain drop falls on your face. You think about finding the nearest bus stop, but you're not really sure what bus you need anyways. Probably you can beat the rain, so you just keep walking. Unfortunately for you, though, you still bear the New Mexico curse (which means it always rains the one day you opt against an umbrella), and it, well, does start raining. Except for it's more like a mist, and you're not getting completely soaked, so you just walk faster. This is a good thing anyways. Since you hate most cardiovascular exercise, you were tempted to slow down as soon as your heart rate sped up, but the rain makes you walk faster.  You also feel glad that you didn't succumb to a rare urge to straighten your hair that morning, seeing as it would now be a giant mass of unsightly frizz. You do, however, decide to pull out a bright red headband from your purse so that you can keep your ears warm even though it really clashes with your pink and yellow scarf. The French people passing by stare at it strangely, but you don't care because your ears are warm and you're walking fast to get out of the rain.

The major downfall in the whole scheme, however, is that once you make it to your destination, you walk inside and wonder how the entire country of France suddenly got so hot. This, of course, is not what had happened. In reality, walking fast made you exercise more which made you much warmer and a teensy bit sweaty.

The point of the story, one might ask? Clearly figuring out bus lines and waiting at bus stops must clearly be avoided, and carrying an umbrella is still quite optional. The moral of the story is that one should not walk any faster because of the rain because it makes you unusually warm and especially because it stopped raining as soon as you arrived at your destination.