Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Four Months and Counting....

I'm not going to write about how fast the time is going by, or that I can't believe it's already four months, because then I'd be writing that every single month and that would be a bit repetitive wouldn't it? What I will say is that, though it sometimes may not feel like it, God is using every second of my time here to count for something. He has purpose in this, in me being here, in my ministry, in my life.... When I stop to think about it, that thought blows me away. Sometimes I don't see the purpose, but every now and then He allows me to catch some glimpses and I am reminded all over again to trust Him. He really knows what He's doing.

This last month has been full of all sorts of blessings. I'll name five. Okay, six.

1. Visiting with my family....

Photos taken by my brother-in-law Jon. Edited by moi.

I've got about a gazillion pictures I could share of all the fun we had. Plus my nieces are the cutest nieces in the whole entire world ever. Just sayin'...

2. Having Kate come to visit me in France....

This is especially great because God has used us in each other's lives to further lay the burden of France on each of our hearts.

3. Our trip to Ireland....

It was good. Really, really good. I want to go back there, I liked it so much. And God used our time there in a way to give me fuel for coming back to France.

4. Getting better connected with Frenchy friends.

Kate and I did some good quality hanging out with some of them, which is really how the first gospel seeds are planted here. There's one young woman in particular who really opened up to me on Sunday, thanks to all of God's magnificent orchestration of course. She doesn't believe in Jesus, but I have a feeling that He's softening her heart.

5. And Him. There's always the blessing of Him. A blessing so awesome I can't really comprehend it. Just when I feel like I've received all the grace I can, He goes and dishes out some more for me. His presence is the sweetest thing. I crave Him more every day.

Going home for Christmas was something I needed after all, and He knew that, so He provided a way. It was a short break somewhere near the middle that made it so I didn't have to go ten months straight through without familiarity. I know people do it all the time, but I think He's having me do baby steps. I'm okay with that.

And coming back to France? It was a bit hard. A bit harder than I expected, certainly. I'm more impatient than I would have liked to think, and so it's hard for me sometimes that ministry in France is so slow going. I was starting to get discouraged that I wasn't going to have anything to show for my time here. Where are the dozens of new contacts? Shouldn't there be at least one new believer? Why is learning French so hard? All these different questions kept popping up in my head and I began to doubt the point of being here. But He reaffirmed me, like He has so many times before. He has a plan. He has a purpose. He used different people and different circumstances to remind me that He's the One that's really doing the work, not me, and that sometimes I can't always see it.

And after all those sweet reminders, blessings, and refreshers, He gave me an added bonus.

6. A new contact! I found a website... and received an email from a woman who wants to practice English... and she came to Café Anglais yesterday. It sounds like such a small thing, I know. But it's a little victory for me, a milestone, a gift from God. It's like He's winking at me and saying, "See? I'm still working." Work away, Lord. Work away. :)

And in the coming months, I have a lot to look forward. Like more visitors, more French skills, more friendships, more opportunities to share Him, and more of His presence. When it's all put into perspective, I can't imagine not serving and worshipping Him. Isn't He so good?


  1. I think I say this in all my comments but, for lack of better words, I love it!


  2. Kelsey, He is also working where you can't see, in Rio Rancho, NM, U.S.A., through you with this blog. Keep it up! Such comfort and boosts of faith you give this 50-something woman.

    Perhaps God will have you meet someone whose heart is already soft and ripe. It may not happen until the day you are leaving France. Just to give you the desire to go back. Or go somewhere.

    Stay on His path, my young friend.