Saturday, November 5, 2011

Real Life Biographies

Tonight is one of those times where I feel like I could fall asleep, wake up in a few hours and then walk over to the Ellerslie chapel for church. It's funny how we long for whatever it is we don't currently have. When I was at Ellerslie, I can't tell you how much I longed to be where I am sitting right this very moment.... France. And now that I'm in France, I long to be in snow-covered Colorado too. And yet.... I'm thankful for where He has me. I am content. I am satisfied. I wouldn't change a single thing even if I could.

It's funny how this life works.

The other night I was going through photos from the last year, and I smiled as I once again gazed on all those familiar faces. I am filled with thankfulness for all those people He put in my life. So many people. I couldn't name them all if I tried. And as I saw all of their faces in the many pictures I captured.... I thought about my relationship with them, their stories, how much they love Jesus. I love Christian biographies. And living at Ellerslie was like being surrounded by the beginning chapters of awe-inspiring stories of children of God who give their everything to seek Him.... and find Him. I was surrounded by living, breathing Christian biographies. Those people inspire me. Not because they're all that exceptionally great in and of themselves (although they're all pretty cool), but because I could watch as God captured their hearts and began changing them to be like Him.

I miss that. I miss those people. I miss every single smiling face that I got to know so well, and I miss that sweet fellowship that we all had.

And yet.... I long for that fellowship here. I long to see chapters unfolding of God's love story with the people of France. I long for that day when I can watch God changing a person's life and start writing the first pages in my mind. I long to see His magnificent, mighty working in France. I long to find more of my brothers and sisters here, and watch as they get to know our Father. Oh it is only by the grace of God that it could ever happen.... so I keep longing and waiting and praying and trusting. Some day, I'm going to see a real live Christian biography here in France, and the pages of this person's life are going to point me to the Creator, and I'm going to fall on my knees and glorify Him for how mightily He can work in a person's life.

Yep. That's what's gonna happen.

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