Saturday, December 17, 2011

Three Months and Counting...

The last month has been full of so many things.


A Christmas celebration with other GEM Missionary families

Sight-seeing with a French friend

 Followed by a Christmas market with her

And pretty lights

And hanging out with an American couple I know from the GEM Headquarters who are here on a vision trip

I still go to my three weekly English groups, still meet for my three language exchanges, still go to the prayer meeting every Thursday and church on Sunday. I still think about the lost in France. I still walk past people in the street and wonder if they've ever heard of the Savior. I still feel like I could never do enough. And I'm still learning to rest in the fact that He is enough. I'm still learning to keep praying even when the outlook is dim. Especially when the outlook is dim. I'm still thinking that the outlook always seems kind of dim in France. I'm still trusting, waiting, watching. I'm still learning to trust, wait, and watch. 

In short, things keep going in France. God keeps being faithful, and as a result I keep loving Him more. 

Tomorrow is our special Christmas service. I'm excited to see who shows up, what kind of responses we see, and how God uses this time. I'm also pondering what a Christmas without my family would be like, and the sacrifice becomes so much more real to me all of a sudden. But God is faithful (I can't say it enough), and my confidence in Him is growing. 

Three months and counting and I'm still learning. Three months and counting and I'm thankful for the three months I've already had and the seven months more to look forward to. 

Have I mentioned that God is faithful?


  1. You're So beautiful! I miss you so much! PS. WE GOT THE HOUSE NEAR ESTES! I love you!

  2. So good, Kels. :) Thinking of you. Can't wait to be there with you!