Monday, April 11, 2011

A Gift From the Father

Sometimes I feel unfit to be released into society. I have been humbled here at Ellerslie in greater ways than I thought possible. I have come face to face with myself- with my sin, ugliness, and inadequacies- and walked away with the image still clear in my mind. I have compared myself to heroes of the Christian faith and found I have come up lacking. With that in mind, how can I go to France this September and hope to be used by God?

The only thing that has kept me going is the fact that He has called me. How do I know this? Well there’s been a few different ways. The support of my parents for one, and key figures in my life and in my church. There’s also been a growing passion in me for the lost people of Paris. And then there are the little fingerprints that God as left in my life as a way to reaffirm me and establish me in this call.

The other day I was walking back to my dorm after class, enjoying the sunshine and warm weather when the peace was interrupted by ugly construction noises. In an effort to escape the loud noises for a brief moment, I decided to walk through the Everitt’s Center and check my mail. To my surprise there was a letter! It is not often that I receive letters, so when I do it is cause for much rejoicing. I saw on the envelope that it was from ‘a sister.’ I assumed it was from Sara, but thought it strange she didn’t put a return address. Or her name. To my surprise, I opened the envelope to find an anonymous note and a financial gift for my trip to France.

This would be only the second time someone has given me money for France, and both times I never had to ask. I’ve been standing in faith that He has called me, but at times my legs get so shaky! He doesn’t reprimand me for this. Instead He strengthens me. What a wonderful God we serve.

This week I’m jumping into the fundraising with both feet. There’s no turning back now! I’m excited to see how God will provide all that I need. I’ve put a ‘Fundraising Thermometer’ on here as well so that you guys can pray for me and watch the progress! How exciting!


  1. Praising our Faithful One alongside you, sweet sister! :)

  2. Aww Kelsey! That's awesome. Praise the Lord!! :)